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The Environmental Education Foundation, (, the leading provider of environmental information and registrations in the world, was appointed today to the Advisory Committee of the Congressional Internet Caucus by State Sen. Peggy Reeves, State Rep. Bryan Jameson, and U.S. Rep. Mark Udall of Colorado.

The Caucus,, is a bipartisan group of more than 100 members of the House and Senate working to unlock the promise and potential of the Internet. In the past, the caucus has addressed issues concerning content, access, bandwidth, privacy and security. The Foundation joins other Advisory Committee member companies such as Microsoft Corporation, AT&T, eBay, Inc., IBM Corporation, Compaq and Novell. The Foundations Director, Mr. William J. Warren, of National Inspection Services of Fort Collins, CO - will serve as the company's representative to the Caucus.

“The Environmental Education Foundation is, and has been, at the forefront of training, documentation and electronic reporting through the Internet,” said Warren. “With our growing membership in all 50 states as well as our international representation – featured by our Executive Directors recent appointment to serve as a consultant to the United Nations on EH&S matters – we have concerned stakeholders/constituents that need a voice”

Troy Johnson, Executive Director for the EEF said, “The time is upon us when digital signatures on reports, on-line training and access to secure records is increasingly more important for EH&S managers, as their contribution will allow for the streamlining of many vital business processes. Existing and emerging laws also pave the way for our partner government agencies to accept on line submission of documents that in the past had been submitted in hard copy with traditional signatures.”

"I also want to extend our members "thank yous" to Representative Rick White, R-Wash, Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., Representative Rick Boucher, D-Va., and Senator Conrad Burns, R-Mont., for having the foresight in founding the committee. The importance the Internet plays in our members personal and profession life has been well documented with the committee members, and their efforts in educating their fellow colleagues about the promise and potential of the Internet is greatly needed" he added.

The Environmental Education Foundations mission is to engage in the development and dissemination of information regarding hazards to human health and threats to the environment with particular emphasis on hazards or threats which are associated with occupying, purchasing, insuring, selling or owning residential, commercial or industrial property; testing methodologies and procedures to detect such hazards and threats; and programs and measures which mitigate or eliminate such hazards or threats.

The organization represents one of the largest group of contributors in the EH&S field, ranging from Builders, lenders and environmental inspectors to government agencies, academics and the public at large. Established in the great state of Minnesota, the Foundation is a is a unique, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation that provides educational seminars, publications and
advanced technology (including software) to both the public and private sectors through donations from its contributors and cooperative agreements with government agencies.

Over the years, the EEF has provided a conduit for the fast, reliable contact between the public and private sectors. This conduit enables the exchange of vital technology to influence public demand and regulatory change on all environmental issues. EEF, through its unique position, has been able to effect these changes in a way that is mutually beneficial for governments, businesses and the public.

The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee website:

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