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Environmental Education Foundation has formed a partnership with OSHA Fast Fix to give our members a proactive safety product designed to comply with OSHA written requirements.

We know that your clients worry about workplace injuries and the increasing cost of worker’s compensation premiums. By making available to you OSHA written safety plans, we are providing risk management tools that can be used for cost containment of workers compensation premiums with a reduction in employee accidents.

OSHA mandates that every business, no matter the size, shall have written safety plans that address the standards in their industry. The following data are tips about OSHA compliance.

1. Photocopies of written materials and generic forms from a handbook are not acceptable. OSHA is looking for documents that were prepared for the business they are inspecting. Businesses can also expect substantial financial penalties if they are using out-dated safety plans (safety plans that are dated before 2002).

2. All OSHA safety plans MUST meet the standards that are required for each individual business. Many Owners and Managers are under the impression that if they have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program they have met all the OSHA requirements that are specific to their industry. According to OSHA the IIPP doesn't address all the standards of each individual business. An example: If the business is using a forklift, they will need a Forklift and Industrial Truck Safety Plan in addition to the IIPP. Forklift safety is NOT covered in an IIPP.

3. Having only Labor Law and Safety Posters on the walls in the employee’s lounges without any backup written OSHA safety plans is not meeting OSHA requirements.

4. ALL OSHA safety plans have to be written in a language that can be understood by the employees. If you have Spanish-speaking employees that are not able to read and/or write English, you will need to have your English safety plans also in Spanish.

Environmental Education Foundation has solved these problems with our new partnership. OSHA Fast Fix provides your client’s specific Industry Categories to choose from, and they have pre-selected the safety plans and posters OSHA considers mandatory for each industry. When you go to order your safety plans, you may click on any check mark to de-select or re-select that plan. This feature and the additional plans & posters give you the ability to customize your business safety program. OSHA Fast Fix delivers your written, personalized safety plans within 24 hours, from receipt of your order, via email in PDF format ready for printing or storage in an electronic format. All plans and posters can be purchased in both English and Spanish.

As our introduction to this outstanding safety plan program, our partnership is sending you a Lockout and Tagout Safety Plan in both English and Spanish. This is sent to you as an attachment ready to open and download. We know that you will find these safety plans a valuable addition to your company safety program.

For you to view additional OSHA safety plans go to our web site connection click on the OSHA Fast Fix logo and you will be able to order your plans from OSHA Fast Fix.

Environmental Education Foundation is here to serve our members with the best resources in the marketplace. We know that you will be pleased with this product. Written OSHA safety plans will save you both time and money.


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