The supporters and contributors to the EEF are as diverse as the environmental issues we address. From Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and manufacturers to associations, environmental professionals and concerned citizens. Each contributor has his or her own reason for supporting the Foundation and to date, EEF has been successful in meeting or exceeding each expectation.

Some of the Foundations latest work includes that of "Mold Awareness" training for property owners/managers and those involved in the construction trades. These training classes also include the EPA endorsed IAQ software "I-Beam" or the option to purchase an off-the-shelf IAQ software program from an EEF approved vendor.

Formed in 1992 as a Minnesota non-profit corporation, EEF has, since its formation, been engaged in the goals of the company mission statement. The dissemination of such information has been accomplished by distributing written materials & manuals and by sponsoring, organizing or participating in seminars, forums and other web based and face to face educational activities, public service announcements and community based projects such as presentations at schools and churches.

Consistent with its purposes, the Foundation has produced and/or distributed, or contributed to the production and distribution of numerous educational materials. Many of these materials were produced or distributed in cooperation with various governmental and non-governmental organizations, including the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, the National Association of Counties, the Center for Disease Control, and many others.
The Environmental Education Foundation is a unique, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation that provides educational seminars, publications and advanced technology (including software) to both the public and private sectors through donations from its contributors and cooperative agreements with government agencies.

Over the years, the EEF has provided a conduit for the fast, reliable contact between the public and private sectors. This conduit enables the exchange of vital technology to influence public demand and regulatory change on all environmental issues. EEF, through its unique position, has been able to effect these changes in a way that is mutually beneficial for governments, businesses and the public.

Providing Environmental Education Worldwide

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To engage in the developing and disseminating of information regarding hazards to human health and threats to the environment with particular emphasis on hazards or threats which are associated with occupying, purchasing, insuring, selling or owning residential, commercial or industrial property; testing methodologies and procedures to detect such hazards and threats; and programs and measures which mitigate or eliminate such hazards or threats.

Such information shall be disseminated primarily to professionals engaged in assessing such hazards and threats, financial institutions which are lenders for real estate, insurance providers who sell or issue policies to transfer risk, owners or prospective buyers, as well as the public generally.







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