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During the history of the Foundation’s activities, many letters of support have been received. The following are excerpts, and just a sample, to help illustrate the wide variety of people, places and organizations from which the Foundation derives its support.




To institute an effective environmental plan for our nation, we need to educate children at all levels. I commend you for your efforts on this issue, and I welcome your insights.

Al Gore, Vice President of the United States


We must get environmental discussion out of the confrontational mode and into the creative problem solving mode. A true partnership between the public and private sectors will be mandatory if we want to clean up existing problems and preclude new problem rather than spending all of the money and time on litigation to address this need for partnership is an effort I can wholeheartedly support.

Edward J. Cirillo, Arizona State Senator


In the years that our organizations have worked together, I have always found your initiatives to be well thought out and of a very high caliber. It will be a pleasure to work with you again in this nation-wide program.

Mr. Lou Witt, Indoor Air Project, National Association of Counties


In the 10 + years I have been associated with your endeavors to educate various audiences about environmental issues, we have successfully conducted hundreds of VERY worthwhile programs. I would enjoy any opportunity to participate in the future.

William J. Warren, President, National Inspection Services


We look forward to continuing our relationship and success in providing effective, diverse, educational programs on environmental issues.

Richard A. Bates, Jr., President, Health Safety Partnership


We have worked with the EEF for years on the national risk reduction efforts on indoor air contaminates. We have found the EEF to be a very capable organization in providing a variety of educational and training services. We believe that they possess both the expertise and commitment to successfully implement an environmental education program.

Larry L. Marcum, J.D., M.P.A., National Environmental Health Association


We wanted to take this opportunity to again, thank you for organizing the recent EEF Construction Training for builders. The group of builders you were able to assemble was an impressive cross-section of the building community. The bottom-line result that you were aiming to achieve was to have these builders make a commitment to change building techniques to enhance Indoor Air Quality the builders seemed willing to do this.

Mike Rogers & Matt Hiester, U.S. EPA


As an attendee of the EEF’s Lender Program, I was most impressed with the diverse group you were able to assemble large and small lenders and government representatives experienced a unique and informative dialog I would encourage anyone to attend your programs.

Kim D. Miller, Vice President, Citizens & Northern Bank

Compliance Reports